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People who get developmental services have the right to make decisions for themselves. The rights of people who get developmental services should be respected by others. People who get developmental services need to know how they can take action if their rights are not being respected.  

ARCH Disability Law Centre ("ARCH") is working to give more rights to people who get developmental services. ARCH is also working to make sure that these rights are respected and enforced.

ARCH would like to see a 'Bill of Rights' for people who get developmental services included in Ontario's laws. Having a Bill of Rights will help to make rights real for people who get developmental services.

To learn more about the Bill of Rights, click on "Bill of Rights" at the top of this page.  

This Website is about working to Make Rights Real in Ontario's Developmental Services Sector

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The Bill of Rights will give people who get developmental services more rights. Click on 'Read More' before to learn more about the 'Bill of Rights.'