Disability Law Center



Who is ARCH?

ARCH’s full name is ARCH Disability Law Centre.  ARCH is a legal clinic that works with people with disabilities.  ARCH works to make laws, policies and programs better for people with disabilities, and give people with disabilities more rights.  ARCH works with people with disabilities who live all around Ontario. At ARCH, we think it is important that people with disabilities have dignity, respect, and participate fully in our communities.

ARCH gives workshops for people with disabilities about their rights and how to advocate for their rights or take action if they have been treated badly because of their disability.  ARCH also gives people with disabilities legal advice and referrals for their legal problems.  ARCH goes to court or tribunal to represent people with disabilities or disability organizations.

ARCH has lawyers, law students, community workers, and support staff.  All our staff report to a volunteer Board of Directors.  Many of the people on our Board of Directors are people with disabilities.


What Services does ARCH give to People with Disabilities?

Legal Services

ARCH gives free legal advice and information to people with disabilities about:

  • Abuse of people with disabilities in certain situations
  • Accessibility laws
  • Attendant services
  • Legal Capacity – the right to make your own decisions
  • Discrimination / human rights
  • Education
  • Employment

The legal advice and information ARCH gives is private and confidential.

If you have a legal problem and would like to get legal advice or information, you can call ARCH.  An ARCH staff will speak to you and ask for some information about your legal problem.  If we can help you at ARCH, we will book a telephone appointment with an ARCH lawyer.  If we cannot help you at ARCH, we will do our best to refer you to another organization or lawyer who can help.  

ARCH usually gives legal information and advice to people over the telephone.  If you are not able to talk to us on the telephone, let us know.  You can email us, write to us, use TTY, send a fax, or come in to our office.  We will do our best to accommodate your disability.

Legal Representation

ARCH goes to court or tribunals to represent people with disabilities.  We only represent people who have cases that meet our criteria.  The criteria are made by ARCH’s Board of Directors.  People also have to meet Legal Aid Ontario’s financial criteria.  If ARCH cannot represent you, we will do our best to refer you to another organization or lawyer who can help.

Public Legal Education

ARCH gives workshops for people with disabilities to help them learn about their legal rights, and what they can do if their rights are not respected.  We also have a free newsletter called ARCH Alert.  You can sign up to get ARCH Alert here: http://www.archdisabilitylaw.ca/arch-alerts

Community Development

ARCH’s community development activities help people with disabilities and disability organization learn how to advocate for themselves.  Many of our community development activities are on our website and included in our ARCH Alert newsletter.​​

ARCH's Mission

As a specialty legal clinic with a provincial mandate, ARCH undertakes to achieve its vision by:
  • Ensuring our work has Ontario wide impact focusing on, identifying and removing systemic barriers 
  • Addressing issues that have an impact on low income people with disabilities, including the root causes of poverty 
  • Empowering people with disabilities 
  • Being recognized as experts in the law as it affects people with disabilities 
  • Addressing the heightened disadvantage, marginalization and exclusion faced by people with disabilities by reason of factors such as gender, race, age, language, economic status and sexual orientation.